Sunday, January 25, 2009

new family member

the aunt of one of our friends has a BIG ranch down in la quinta, with lots of horses and some chickens, dogs and some cats. well, one of the cats had kittens, and we decided to get one. we already have a cat- Mamakitty, but she is getting older and i thought it would be good for the boys to have a kitten. so we went down yesterday and picked one out. it was a hard decision. there were 5 to choose from, but some were not very social, and there was one that we just really liked. last week, Gavin came up with the name "Fuzzwell". don't ask where that came from, i have no idea.
so welcome to the family little Fuzzwell!

gavin has been SO gentle with him. i think it's really going to help the boys be a little more gentle and calm sometimes. and kitten playtime is always good for some laughs!


Scrapbook With Starr said...

Oh my goodness... he is so sweet! Dalin was a little worried when I showed him your new cat and did't share the story. We are all happy that mommakitty has not been replaced. lol. :)

Emily said...

Oh SO CUTE! I love bad they turn into cats. That last picture is so precious.

I had a dream that you showed up on my doorstep last was a great surprise!

Carol and Bruce said...

Hi Rose,
It was fun to catch up with your family and see how your boys have grown, they are adorable and the kitten is too.
Any plans to come to Oregon? We miss you.