Wednesday, January 28, 2009

totally gross

the boys have scrambled eggs with some cheese on top almost every morning for breakfast. a few days ago, gavin asked for green eggs. -i have made pancakes and i put food coloring in them to make them weird colors. so i did it with the eggs. but i didn't have green, only blue.
let me tell you, DON'T color scrambled eggs. it's COMPLETELY WRONG!!!
they looked soooooooooooo gross that i was wincing when i was making them. but the boys loved them (of course).
and i have not adjusted the color of the picture. that's what they looked like.

seriously disgusting, right?
but i will do it again because the boys got a kick out of it, and it made things not so boring....

but i will not eat them.
but i did have to share, because i'm sure all of your kids will love it too.


Jeanine said...

LOVE it, but I agree, looks a little too much like something from SHREK. You do win the crafty mom of the week award in my book though.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Cade loves eggs too but guaranteed that he would NOT touch anything that looked like that!!!