Saturday, January 17, 2009

ok. i can do this.

finally an update------------
the night before christmas, the boys made their cookies for santa. they were pretty excited about the whole thing. we also wrote letters to santa. i'm thinking next year, gavin can write some of it on his own, other than "santa" and his name. we finally got The Polar Express dvd and book, and that is going to be a new tradition- to read it on christmas eve. they actually went to bed without any problems. i stayed up and put ALL the presents under the tree because i didn't want to risk having them opened before the 25th. it finally really felt like christmas with all those presents under there.
christmas was great (with the exception of the 70 mile-per-hour winds). my dad and stepmom came up early in the morning. we had an AWESOME breakfast and just hung out. it was a nice, quiet day. gavin got a new spiderman toy from santa, and hayden got a new monster truck toy.
(just what they asked for, wink wink) we didn't take many pictures of opening presents. but the were all pretty good.
lets see what else....
new years was nothing exciting. i was in bed at 8:30. it's just not a big deal anymore, and that makes me feel old. oh well.
and now we are back to our normal routine. g at school monday, wednesday, friday, and i go to the gym those days (which was REALLY needed.)
oh and we signed gavin up for t-ball. i'm SO excited. well, he is too, but i'm really excited. he is very good at batting and throwing and catching in the backyard, so i can't wait to see what he will do with other kids. the games start in march. so this will probably be the first year of about 12 that we will be doing baseball.
so is that a good update? i will try and keep it up a little more, i've really really been slacking. obviously.

so here are some christmas pictures for your viewing pleasure.

some sunggs with Claudi

but H snuggled with his g-pa alllllllll day.

ready to "fix"



Emily said...

Cute pictures! Better late than never. I don't blame you for being so excited about baseball...that's going to be the cutest thing ever!

Christy said...

omg rose...your dad is my age!