Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i hear this at least once a day

"mama, you are beautiful like I am beautiful."

thanks, h.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


just a few things that i want to write down before i forget....

on thursdays, gavin has P.E. a few thursdays ago, he came up to me and said "mama, do i have p.m.s. today?"
we don't even say that around here, so i'm not sure where he got it.

hayden was mad at me for telling him no about something and he looked at me and said, in anger, "i'm not your cousin!"

i was reading a book to g, and there was a drawing of a cat. he told me how it looked "soft and cute and fugly." after worrying a little, i found out that he meant to say "snuggly". thank goodness.

hayden has been getting alot of dirt in his eyes lately. he was rubbing them, and in a very whiny voice asked me "can you go get me some allergies?"

one of the teachers at school told me that gavin came up to her and said "Mrs. Candaleria, you look beautiful today. And Edie is eating all my goldfish."
way to downplay it g.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

i'm a mean mom, and i'm ok with that

oh man.
hi, my name is Rose and i'm a mean mom.
halloween was a busy day. we had a birthday party at 10, soccer at 11, then back to the party after that, then trick-or-treating/harvest festival later that night. well, the boys were awful from the minute they woke up. running around the house bonkers, lots of loud noise, lots of "roughhousing", making messes, back talking and general sassy-ness. i know they are boys and they are going to be like this, but it was way worse than normal.
since i couldn't take away the party, or the soccer game, i took halloween away. that's right. no dressing up, no candy, nothing.
total win win for me- i didn't have to figure out the costumes and no candy in the house, that i'll just throw away most of it anyway. they were upset about it, so hopefully it worked somehow.
so unfortunately i don't have any pictures to post since they didn't dress up.

last weekend i did get to do something exciting- i got to go to see U2 at the Rose Bowl. my super-awesome aunt gave me the tickets to the sold out show. i took my step-mom, claudi since they are one of her favorite bands. it was good as expected, although i've never been to a concert where i was so far away from the stage, or where there was so many people- like 95,000 people. black eyed peas opened- they were perfect for an opener- lots of high energy. for one of their last songs, slash from guns-n-roses came out and played sweet child of mine, while Fergie sang it. that girl can REALLY sing. then U2 played for two and a half hours. amazing. they played lots of stuff from the new album, and tons of the old favorites. i guess they are going to have a summer '10 tour, so if you get the chance go see it. the stage alone is bonkers- huge, and cool lights, and a crazy video screen.totally worth it.

other than that, it's been pretty monotonous around here. school, preschool, soccer, church, laundry, cooking, cleaning. then start it all over again.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


so this is our saturday mornings until the end of november. we have aleady had 4 games. so far, gavin is loving it. i think maybe even more than t-ball. his team is "the glowing bananas". so silly- which is just perfect for a little kids team. more than half the time, the kids just kinda run around and kick the ball where ever so there are some pretty funny moments in every game. but they get a little better every time. i'm thinking this sport will be on the regular schedule for the next um-teen years. hayden can't wait to play. he's actually really good too! g and h kick the ball back and forth to eachother without going nuts. they totally work together and help eachother- it's awesome. hopefully next year i can sign him up.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


on wednesday, gavin turned 5.
on friday, hayden turned 3.
so we took full advantage and went to disneyland on wednesday. g was free because it was his birthday, and h was free as well because he was 2 still. awesome huh?
unfortunately aaron was in new orleans for work, so he wasn't able to go. but my dad went, thank goodness, because i could not have done it by myself. (THANK YOU DAD FOR EVERYTHING!!!)
i kept it a total secret from them- even when we were parking they had no idea where we were. but of course they were excited once they figured it out.
we got there at 9:30 (they opened at 9), and the both boys got a first visit button, and a birthday button. so all day the workers and other visitors were wishing them happy birthday. that was pretty cool. the weather was perfect and barely anyone was there. we went on 16 rides, and the longest we had to wait the whole day was 30 minutes. i've never been there when that happens. most of the rides we had to wait 5 minutes or so. some of the rides scared them- pirates and haunted mansion, and some hayden wasn't big enough to go on. but all in all it really was such an amazing day. they both got mouse ears with their name on the back, and i got their silhouette done as well- both super classic things from disneyland.

showing off their buttons....


teacups and matterhorn

getting DIZZZZZZY on the teacups.

they LOVED small world. good grief it's annoying though.

h zonked out in the middle of the day for about 20 minutes.

shooting aliens on the Toy Story ride.

g my little race car driver. (good thing the cars are on a track, and go 6 miles an hour)

h is ready to go--- a little wiped out maybe?

Monday, September 07, 2009


not only did gav start kindergarten, but hayden started preschool!

he is going to the same place that g went to for the last two years, which is great because he knows the teachers and the building and everything already. he goes tuesday and thursday from 9:15-12:15, so i get 6 hours a week to myself!!!!! how nice is that?
there are 3 siblings of kids that g was in school with- so he already has friends. i guess hayden and jadyn were inseperable last week, which is so super cute.
when did my kids grow up? i guess it had to happen sooner or later....


holy cow. gavin started kindergarten two weeks ago. how did he get so big all of a sudden? we got him a transformers backpack (which is as big as he is) and lunch bag. i'm not crazy about it, but he enjoys that stuff now, so i'm not going to fight it. and thank goodness no other kid in his classes have the same one.

of course he had to have his hair "up".
the first day was great, but day number two was awful. he acted up and got in trouble with the teacher. ugh.
but then day three and so forth have been just fine. he doesn't really tell me what goes on, except that he eats lunch, plays on the playground and has a new friend (but doesn't know the new friends name). his teacher, Mrs. Friedman is super cute and i really like her. she doesn't take any crap from the kids, but isn't mean. the other kindergarten class and gav's class do a lot of things together. there are 54 kids in all (yikes!). i plan on volunteering in a few months. we have homework to do every day which consists of reading a book and having him tell me what it was about and i get to write it down. there is usually a paper to do as well- writing numbers or letters. he also has p.e. on thursdays where he says they do push-ups and ride a bike. who knows what really goes on.
it's definitely a new routine to get into.
he also started soccer. so twice a week he has practice. so far he's doing quite well, and really likes it. he can dribble the ball and pass and everything. his first game is next saturday, so that should be pretty funny. they basically just run around and try to kick the ball.
so between school and soccer, he is wiped out by thursday. he has been going to bed earlier, but still not sleeping in much. i think i have to wait until he is in jr. high for that.