Monday, September 07, 2009


holy cow. gavin started kindergarten two weeks ago. how did he get so big all of a sudden? we got him a transformers backpack (which is as big as he is) and lunch bag. i'm not crazy about it, but he enjoys that stuff now, so i'm not going to fight it. and thank goodness no other kid in his classes have the same one.

of course he had to have his hair "up".
the first day was great, but day number two was awful. he acted up and got in trouble with the teacher. ugh.
but then day three and so forth have been just fine. he doesn't really tell me what goes on, except that he eats lunch, plays on the playground and has a new friend (but doesn't know the new friends name). his teacher, Mrs. Friedman is super cute and i really like her. she doesn't take any crap from the kids, but isn't mean. the other kindergarten class and gav's class do a lot of things together. there are 54 kids in all (yikes!). i plan on volunteering in a few months. we have homework to do every day which consists of reading a book and having him tell me what it was about and i get to write it down. there is usually a paper to do as well- writing numbers or letters. he also has p.e. on thursdays where he says they do push-ups and ride a bike. who knows what really goes on.
it's definitely a new routine to get into.
he also started soccer. so twice a week he has practice. so far he's doing quite well, and really likes it. he can dribble the ball and pass and everything. his first game is next saturday, so that should be pretty funny. they basically just run around and try to kick the ball.
so between school and soccer, he is wiped out by thursday. he has been going to bed earlier, but still not sleeping in much. i think i have to wait until he is in jr. high for that.

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Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

His backpack....hahaha!!! It's HUGE!!! School days, school, your kids are big and that makes you OLD! :) Nice to have him pooped and ready for bed early in the eve. i'm curious to see if that happens with Cade after he starts school. soccer, and swimming all at the same time! We'll see, that kid has more energy than I OR he knows what to do with! :) Cute boys rose! )