Friday, March 06, 2009

busy busy busy

so my life as a "soccer mom" (actually t-ball) has started. gavin started t-ball last week, and it is definitely a new schedule to get used to. it's from 5-6 on tuesday and thursday, and in a few weeks, there will be a game every saturday. don't get me wrong- i love it- i think it's awesome that he's doing t-ball, it's just that practice is right in the middle of our dinnertime. so i'm trying to figure out what to make because #1, we don't do fast food, and #2, eating at 6:30 is just a bit toooooo late. i've made lasagna and chicken, so when we leave i put it in the oven, and when we get home it's done. but i feel that stuff like that is going to get old very quickly. so do you guys have any ideas? there is always the crock-pot too, and soup, but since it's going to get hot here very soon, that will be appealing only for a little while longer. seriously- ANY suggestions would be very much appreciated.
other than that, we are still busy. between housework, school, church stuff, gym and t-ball, i have been sleeping very well lately. hayden is quite the patience pusher. he has terrible-two nonsense, which gavin never ever had. the climbing and the screaming and the fighting..... ugh. 6 more months and then hopefully they will be over. but there is one VERY good thing- he is soooooooooo close to being done potty-training. it's just one more little hump to get over and that's it. i will be free of diapers forever!
i also was very busy last week making 120 cupcakes for my friend's 30th birthday party. she had a mad-hatter theme, and i think they turned out pretty fun. i did 5 different frosting colors, and there was chocolate and vanilla cake. the things on top are colored chocolate lollypops. she loved them, so that's all that matters.

i will have to take some pictures of the boys to post. they are in a total growth spurt right now.
i am planning on planting my garden in the next few days too, so i'll have to update on that as well.


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

I love the cupcakes! YOu are VERY creative, my dear! Missing you!

Stacy said...

The cupcakes turned out great!
Try bringing sandwiches to t-ball. Give it to the boys on the way home so they are done when you get there and they will be ready for bed!!

Brenley said...

Those are too cute! You are SO talented!I was just thinking about how sad I am that you were never able to come up for that visit!

Jill said...

The cupcakes look amazing!

And almost congrats on the potty training! That sounds pretty good to have zero kids in diapers.

I'm with you on the t-ball thing only our thing is swimming lessons at 6:00. We have a big, late snack before we leave and eat sandwiches, soup, mac and cheese or quesadillas when we get home.

Christy said...

Love the cupcakes....
One of my tricks for fast meals is that I make a bunch of chicken cutlets on one day (pounded thin and w/breadcrumbs). I let them cool completely and then freeze them in ziplocks. they defrost lickety-split. I eat cold in a sandwich or salad. Reheat with a bit of tomato sauce and mozzerella and parm. Reheat w/a bit of lemon juice, chicken broth and capers, toss with asparagus, sundried tomatoes and pasta.
..less than 30 minute meals!
hope it works for you