Saturday, September 20, 2008


this is my mixer. it has died. i am so sad.
aaron bought it for me for my birthday after i had graduated from culinary school in 2004. it was pretty special. it was a refurbished one because we didn't have any money for a new one, and even the refurbished one was expensive for us. so it was already on it's last leg, and having it on for an hour straight, like i do sometimes, isn't exactly easy on the machine.
a few months ago i could tell it was dying because the motor sounded horrible. then within the last month, i would have it on the first speed, and it would kick itself up to the third speed, which was a little annoying.
so last week i was making the icing for gavins' cupcakes for school, and it just wouldn't turn on any more. thank goodness i made enough extra for haydens' birthday too, because i now had no mixer.

last night i was taking care of the boys, giving them a shower, and i walked into the kitchen to find a big box on the counter with a big red bow on the top. and look what i got...

isn't it beautiful??? (i am so lame, i know)
aaron TOTALLY surprised me with it. i was thinking i would have to wait until christmas for a new one, and turn down cake orders in the mean time because i had no mixer, and there is NO WAY i can do buttercream by hand.
so it's brand-spanking new with a bigger motor than my last one. and now i have 2 bowls too (which are like $60 to buy seperate) which is awesome.

thank you so much my thoughtful husband!


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...


I almost cried happy tears to hear how thoughtful Aaron was to replace your mixer withouth being asked! Your Aaron needs to drop MY Aaron some mixer hints. :)

Carol and Bruce said...

You are lucky to have such a thoughtful husband and I love your mixer. It's fun to catch up on all you are doing with your adorable family.
Love you!

Emily said...

No, you're not lame, it really is beautiful!!! I'm scared my mixer is crapping out on me...I use it so much I don't know what I'll do!

I love the color and that you have an extra bowl...AWESOME!!!

Brenley said...

That is one sexy mixer! What an awesome husband you have.

I am hoping my hubby surprises me with a new camera lens, I have only told him a million times that I want one.


I love it! What a great husband! I especially love how the light radiates around the new one. It's like I can almost hear the angels singing! :o)

Anonymous said...


this is Sue! I finally found way to know what my wonderful grandchildren and my wonderful daughter-in-law are doing! I might have found the secret! Your blog. I believe you mentioned this a few years aga..I wouldn't have remembered then..anyway this seems a great way to be in the loop.