Tuesday, September 30, 2008


what a great weekend! aaron had meetings in san diego this week, so we took advantage of that and went down there too. we had an amazing time at the san diego zoo with my grandma, my aunt, and 2 cousins. the weather was perfect, and the boys were perfect too. we saw SO many animals. gavin was really excited to finally see some hippos, elephants and flamingos. then we went to the hotel which was on Coronado island, which is an amazing place that i would move to in a millisecond (if only the house prices weren't in the 3 millions). we walked to the park and played and had lunch and had a great time. my grandma was brave enough to watch the kids for us (THANK YOU GRANDMA!) and we went out to dinner with all the people in aarons' district. it was great to finally meet his boss and the president of the company was there too. we went to a super fancy private club/restaurant which is at the top of one of the buildings in downtown san diego and had a fun time. and now we are back in the boring desert. oh well.

that neck does NOT look right.

it's pretty funny. the pandas just lounge on the ground and eat. like some fat guy on the couch watching tv. the zoo has some web cams so you can check them out.
my aunt Janice playing with H
OH! and the BEST part! we just happened to be by the giraffe's when you can feed them. they only do it for an hour on sat and sun, and so of course we did it. seriously one of the coolest things i have ever done. but that 2 foot long purple tongue is sure slimy. thank goodness they have a hand washing station right there.
to quote gavin, "wow. that's a big dog." i guess we need to work on animals some more?

the view from our hotel room.


Emily said...

What a fun vacation! The zoo is so awesome and so huge! That's so nice of your grandma to watch the kids so you guys could go out.

I love the pictures!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

i love all those pics, cade loved the panda. not many of the boys though and NONE of you and Aaron. What's up with that???