Tuesday, January 22, 2008


ugh. i am SO ready for aaron to come home. i just about lost it the other night, and called aaron up and vented for a while. i felt MUCH better after that. i am so lucky that i have a hubby that i can call up and freak out to, and he calms me down and says i can do that anytime. h is driving me crazy. he is super teething, clingy and growing right now. and g is having a very hard time without his daddy being home. but he will be home friday. oh thank goodness. but then on monday, he has to go to anaheim for 4 days. sucky. so that means that out of the 31 days in january, he will be gone for 24 of those days.
in other news... i have some little jobs going on. i did a baking demonstration for some ladies at a house in one of the super exclusive country clubs a few weeks ago (her maid cleaned the dishes for me). and last week she called and asked me to make "cupcakes" for her kids' birthday party. so i will be making 80 of those- i will post a picture when i do it- and she ordered a full order of baklava too. i'm really hoping this turns into something. i don't want to work in a restaurant, i want to do little special order things, and do demonstrations. it's very good easy money, and i really enjoy it. so there will be all these parents at the party, and the kids all go to palm valley, which is "the" private school to go to, which = big $. i am really excited at the possibilities of where this could take me. and another opportunity came up last week; i went to tiffany's to get one of my rings cleaned, and i was talking to one of the sales women there, and i guess they are starting a concierge service. so she wants my business cards. it's kinda funny to me, but it would be good clients to have. so maybe next week i'll make a little something and bring it in to them along with business cards. and i learned a lesson too, ALWAYS have cards in my wallet. i'm getting more confident in giving them out lately. i'm not sure why.
on friday, it was my dad's birthday, so we went down to his house and played ALL day. the boys totally adore their "g-pa". we went to the wood store, the metal store, the park and had good mexican food... and played with the vacuum. why the heck are my kids obsessed with vacuums? my dad has one that just plugs into the wall, and they were having SO much fun with it. g started putting it on his tongue (gross, i know) and making funny noises. i can't remember the last time i laughed so hard. we decided we should've just stayed home all day and done that. here are a few pictures from that day.


Bryce & Brenley said...

Your kids are cute and funny, love em! And you too!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh Rose...seriously, I wish you would have come here...or me down there. We could have so much fun together! I'm so proud of you for getting more confident and for handing out your business cards. You are awesome and talented and everyone should know it!

You can totally make it until tomorrow!!! You are the best mom ever!!!

Gaerte Family said...

Rose, I sort of missed what kind of business you are trying to break into. All I can say is GO FOR IT!!! I am a big fan of moms doing things on the side to help with the bills. I think that it really helps with a mom's self confidence.