Monday, October 01, 2007

working girl

i like my new job, but it's hard to be away from the kids. here is what i made on saturday night, and it wasn't super busy.
3 raspberry, 13 chocolate, 23 grand mariner, 5 apricot souffles (all made when ordered), 2 creme brulee, 3 bread pudding, 2 key lime pie, 8 lava cakes, 6 baked alaska and 5 lemon tarts. all desserts but the souffles are made before service, but i still have to plate everything up and make it look pretty. there is another girl there that has been there 5 years, and really doesn't know much. she just follows recipes and doesn't do anything creative. but i also went to culinary school, so i'm just at a different level then she is. but we get along and we are able to work together. the owner really likes me and i think is impressed with what i have done so far. i made the bread pudding way better than it was, and made the special dessert of the night, lemon tart. *and the lemon tart, which is 3.5" round with whipped cream on top went for $11.50* he loved it all and that's always a great feeling to make your boss happy. so next saturday i will make tiramisu for the special.
i really love the profession i chose. it can be a little crazy at times, but it's so much fun and i feel satisfied at the end of the day. i'm realizing that i don't give myself enough credit for my culinary skills. not only in the sweet stuff, but the savory too. aaron goes to the best restaurants in the area, and he often comes home and says that i make better dinner at home on a regular basis. and working in such a high end restaurant, i'm learning little tricks and getting new ideas for stuff at home. so although i have mixed feelings about working, i am going to make the best of it and give it my all (when i'm there) and have fun.


Emily said...

Rose I am SO happy for you...really! It sounds so cool! Half of those things I have never even heard of, which means they are fancy and I bet they are delicious! I totally want to come and see you in action!

I love that picture of the boys on the swings!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Awewsome! You sound perfect for the job and I'm very impressed with all the things you do. I would LOVE to see a few of your most favorites plated up so sneak your camera in sometime and show us your stuff!

Bryce & Brenley said...

That is super exciting! I want to see pics of your creations too! I am so excited and happy for you. There is nothing like being good at what you do, it so rewarding! I love you Rose, you are amazing!

Lizzie said...

Your job sounds stressful and yet heavenly all at the same time. It is my dream to go to culinary art school. I think it is so neat that you get to work doing what you love a couple of nights a week. So do you get to choose the dessert special or does someone tell you what to make?