Sunday, August 05, 2007

our "new" kitchen

BEFORE. YUCK! grey tile and grout.

and after. oh it is SO nice. i wish we could stay to enjoy it. i love our house. i will really miss it.

even before we knew we were moving, we planned on replacing the countertops. aaron actually ripped off half of them about 3 months ago. then we had to replace our garage door, so the granite kinda got put on hold. and now that we are moving, and only half of the kitchen had countertops, we had to do it now. it's actually the last thing we had to do to the house. we have redone pretty much everything else. floors, walls, ceiling, fireplace, color of the house inside & out. so we really have enjoyed it. but since it's not being sold, it's still our house if we ever need to come back to it.


Lizzie said...

It's beautiful Rose! Too bad you have to leave it! If you get too hot, come down here for the day and go swimming with us in the back yard. Tanner, Kate and I would LOVE it!

Bryce & Brenley said...

It is beautiful! That is too bad you wont be able to enjoy them!
We had tile countertops in our last duplex, and I hated them. They were so hard to clean and always seemed gross!

Emily said...

Wow it looks so great! Your renters will totally appreciate it. Good job!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Why is it that we fix our homes up for someone else instead of doing it when we first move in and enjoy it until we leave? So sad you won't be able to enjoy the granite and beautiful kitchen. Especially as a chef/baker, kitchen's are everything!!!! Sorry things are so stressful right now but I promise, there will be peace after the storm. Hang in there girl!