Sunday, August 05, 2007

i'm back. kinda.

i am so tired. it is exhausting being home with 2 little boys when it is too hot out to go anywhere and you are doing it by yourself. i REALLY have alot of respect for single parents with young kids. aaron was gone for a week in new jersey, back for 3 days, gone to anaheim for 2, back home for 2 days, and then tomorrow he is going to seattle for 4 days. and on top of all that, i had a bad stomach flu for 2 days, and i have been fighting a sinus infection, and gavin decided that he was going to stay up until 10:30 every night instead of his usual 8:30-9 bedtime. then yesterday, my dad came up and he and aaron did an AMAZING job installing granite in our kitchen. so there is a good reason i haven't blogged in a bit. i am a little stressed also because of the move of course, and because gavin is having eye/tonsil surgery on th 14th, and can't fly for 3 weeks after because of the pressure changes, so we 100% have to drive up instead of fly which we were hoping to do because it would be so much easier. so there is alot going on right now. but the good news is that we found renters for the house. it's a military family with 2 kids that signed a lease for at least a year. so that's a little bit of stress relief. so that's what has been going on lately.


Bryce & Brenley said...

Oh, I am so sorry Rose, I wish I was there to help you out. It was stressful to move without kids, I cant imagine what it would be like to do all the same stuff with kids. Wow, you are superwoman!!

Emily said...

Wow...and I thought I was stressed. You have me beat. I'm sorry! Your kitchen looks radical though! Okay so my friend's husband is a pharmaceutical rep and he was out of town ALL THE TIME too. She also has 2 boys. I think you're both so brave to stay home by yourself! Once you guys get settled in Seattle hopefully he won't have to travel as much. I bet it's so hard to stay inside all day; I know it is for me and I only have one baby! Brenley's right...SUPERWOMAN!!