Wednesday, August 22, 2007

lots to tell

aaron fixed our computer the other night, so i have my life back! WHOOHOO!!!

g had his surgery (eyes, tonsils and adenoids) last tuesday and everything went amazing! he was super grumpy that day, but the next day he was running around, yelling and being bonkers like normal. i am SOOOOOO eternally grateful for the doctors, anesthesiologist, and nurses that help to fix my little boy. now his eyes are perfectly straight again, and he's already eating more than he has in the past. so hopefully he'll start putting on some weight. he's only 25 pounds. (yes i know that's super skinny, but he is tall at least). so that is alot of stress that is gone. thank goodness!

as for moving... i'm going up to seattle next monday to find where we are going to live. and then the movers are hopefully coming to pack up our house the first week of september. it's a little weird to have people pack for you, but i'm sure all of you that have moved a million times (emil, jill, lizzie and spring) would have loved for someone to do it all for you. it's just that i don't really like having strangers touching all my stuff. but it's better than having to do it. so i'll just suck it up and be grateful. plus we don't have to pay for any of it, so that's like double bonus.

we finished the kitchen. we needed to put something above the backsplash because the granite isn't as tall as the previous tile. so now it's done and it looks amazing.

and on sunday, my dad and step-mom came over and made me super yummy fresh pasta dinner for my birthday. it was nice to have a good meal at home that i actually didn't have to cook myself. then on monday for my birthday, we went to big bear one last time and took a nice long walk along the lake. then we went and had lunch at this restaurant we always go to that has the BEST onion rings ever. we usually go up there about once a month, so i guess we are going to have to find somewhere new to go to when we move, which won't be hard to do.

hayden finally had one of his teeth break through last week, and this week the second one popped up. so now the two bottom ones are out. just little white bumps, but at least they are through. now only like 12 more to go. and he's super fast crawling now. he chases the cat around which is pretty funny. and he's getting confident in standing now. he will stand up holding something, let go and stand for like 1 second, then plop down on his tush. but he's so proud of himself which is the best to see.
that's about it for catching up. i'll post pictures later.
i hope all of you are doing well!

oh and a note about the picture at the top. the flowers are on of my cactus in the yard, and it grows many flowers, but the flowers only bloom for about 5 hours. so when one is blooming, you really have to stop and appreciate it because it doesn't last long. and they are beautiful.


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

they sure are beautiful! I thought maybe they were from your yard but had no idea they only bloom for a short time. What a treat to catch them long enough for a picture. Well, I said most stuff in our emails today so now I'm just looking forward to pictures and news about your place in Seattle! :)

Emily said...

Okay, so on the 20th I was sitting there thinking..." I know it's someone's birthday today..." I'm so sorry I missed it! Happy Birthday!

Wow you are moving soon, that's awesome! I'm so glad everything went well for Gavin, I've been thinking and wondering about him. It's good to have you back!