Wednesday, November 11, 2009


just a few things that i want to write down before i forget....

on thursdays, gavin has P.E. a few thursdays ago, he came up to me and said "mama, do i have p.m.s. today?"
we don't even say that around here, so i'm not sure where he got it.

hayden was mad at me for telling him no about something and he looked at me and said, in anger, "i'm not your cousin!"

i was reading a book to g, and there was a drawing of a cat. he told me how it looked "soft and cute and fugly." after worrying a little, i found out that he meant to say "snuggly". thank goodness.

hayden has been getting alot of dirt in his eyes lately. he was rubbing them, and in a very whiny voice asked me "can you go get me some allergies?"

one of the teachers at school told me that gavin came up to her and said "Mrs. Candaleria, you look beautiful today. And Edie is eating all my goldfish."
way to downplay it g.


Jenni said...

I Love this so much! I read this to Michael and we both just cracked up! Keep these posts coming. I can't get enough of funny kid phrases!!

patrick sevc said...


*Stephanie Lance* said...

Ha ha ha thats hilarious! Cute kids! They're the best! Thanks for sharing!

bhenneuse said...

Rose how are you doing! It looks like you have a great family. I haven't checked in on the old gang in years. If you get a chance shoot me an email at

We also have a blog. Just google henneuse family.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Jill said...

So cute, Rose. I love the one about Gavin and the goldfish.

Carol and Bruce said...

So cute Rosie! I'm glad you are writing those things down and sure with I would have done more of that. You do forget those cute things.
Hope all is well,
Love you,