Tuesday, November 03, 2009

i'm a mean mom, and i'm ok with that

oh man.
hi, my name is Rose and i'm a mean mom.
halloween was a busy day. we had a birthday party at 10, soccer at 11, then back to the party after that, then trick-or-treating/harvest festival later that night. well, the boys were awful from the minute they woke up. running around the house bonkers, lots of loud noise, lots of "roughhousing", making messes, back talking and general sassy-ness. i know they are boys and they are going to be like this, but it was way worse than normal.
since i couldn't take away the party, or the soccer game, i took halloween away. that's right. no dressing up, no candy, nothing.
total win win for me- i didn't have to figure out the costumes and no candy in the house, that i'll just throw away most of it anyway. they were upset about it, so hopefully it worked somehow.
so unfortunately i don't have any pictures to post since they didn't dress up.

last weekend i did get to do something exciting- i got to go to see U2 at the Rose Bowl. my super-awesome aunt gave me the tickets to the sold out show. i took my step-mom, claudi since they are one of her favorite bands. it was good as expected, although i've never been to a concert where i was so far away from the stage, or where there was so many people- like 95,000 people. black eyed peas opened- they were perfect for an opener- lots of high energy. for one of their last songs, slash from guns-n-roses came out and played sweet child of mine, while Fergie sang it. that girl can REALLY sing. then U2 played for two and a half hours. amazing. they played lots of stuff from the new album, and tons of the old favorites. i guess they are going to have a summer '10 tour, so if you get the chance go see it. the stage alone is bonkers- huge, and cool lights, and a crazy video screen.totally worth it.

other than that, it's been pretty monotonous around here. school, preschool, soccer, church, laundry, cooking, cleaning. then start it all over again.


Brenley said...

Being a mean mom like that is just another way to show that you love them! They understand...someday!

Emily said...

Um. That sounds like the best concert in the world and I am SOOOOOO jealous.

You're not a mean mom, you're a great mom. There will be plenty more Halloweens, and like you say, now you don't have to have candy at your house...like me...I'm eating it right this second. Ugh.

Jill said...

All that boy stuff reminds me of my house! I know exactly the kind of day you were talking about! I say good for you for being a "mean mom."

Carol and Bruce said...

We always need more mean moms in the world. Good on you!

The boys are adorable!