Saturday, September 12, 2009


on wednesday, gavin turned 5.
on friday, hayden turned 3.
so we took full advantage and went to disneyland on wednesday. g was free because it was his birthday, and h was free as well because he was 2 still. awesome huh?
unfortunately aaron was in new orleans for work, so he wasn't able to go. but my dad went, thank goodness, because i could not have done it by myself. (THANK YOU DAD FOR EVERYTHING!!!)
i kept it a total secret from them- even when we were parking they had no idea where we were. but of course they were excited once they figured it out.
we got there at 9:30 (they opened at 9), and the both boys got a first visit button, and a birthday button. so all day the workers and other visitors were wishing them happy birthday. that was pretty cool. the weather was perfect and barely anyone was there. we went on 16 rides, and the longest we had to wait the whole day was 30 minutes. i've never been there when that happens. most of the rides we had to wait 5 minutes or so. some of the rides scared them- pirates and haunted mansion, and some hayden wasn't big enough to go on. but all in all it really was such an amazing day. they both got mouse ears with their name on the back, and i got their silhouette done as well- both super classic things from disneyland.

showing off their buttons....


teacups and matterhorn

getting DIZZZZZZY on the teacups.

they LOVED small world. good grief it's annoying though.

h zonked out in the middle of the day for about 20 minutes.

shooting aliens on the Toy Story ride.

g my little race car driver. (good thing the cars are on a track, and go 6 miles an hour)

h is ready to go--- a little wiped out maybe?


Emily said...

Oh my gosh SCORE! 2 free kids, can't beat that. Best birthday ever! I bet Aaron was sad he missed it though.

Happy Birthday boys!

Stacy said...

I LOVE disney! And I also think small world it weird - almost a little creepy!!!

Jenni said...

I'm so jealous! is that bad? I'm like 15 years older than them and I'm super jealous of them. hahah. what a rockin mom! Those pictures are SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!!

Jill said...

Hi Rose! You've been busy since I saw you in Oregon! Can you believe we have kindergartners?! Craziness! I hope the boys are liking school.

Way to go on the Disneyland trip. I LOVE that you kept it a secret.

Totally random question for you: I LOVE the paint on your walls. What's it called?

Carol and Bruce said...

Such cute boys and pictures. I'm so glad I got to see them and YOU in Vegas and at the wedding. The question is, when did you all grow up? How could you all be turning 30?!!