Monday, July 06, 2009


here are some pictures from the beach 2 weeks ago. it was perfect both days and we had a GREAT time.

am i really putting a picture of me in a bathing suit up here?

all the kids down at the water. they barely came up all day!

there were many sailboats sailing by which made it all the more relaxing.

chloe fell asleep on the first day. i love this picture!

and how could i bring Lyndsey down there and not take her to Balboa to have some famous chocolate covered frozen bananas? the kids didn't complain about that!


Stacy said...

Where's the bikini hot mama?! :) Looks like alot of fun - wish I could have been there!

Aaron and Lyndsey said...

Love the collage at the end! Great pics...ready to go again!

Brenley said...

looks like it was fun with great memories! And those chocolate covered bananas look so YUMMY!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

yeah, who is that chick in a full-coverage swimsuit? :) looks like loads of fun! hey, your summer sounds like my life when I was in salem. finally had some friends, parks, pool days, i'm here in springfield with no friends. Correction. I have one friend (besides family who is busy busy and can't really get together), brenley but we haven't really been able to get together to play yet. i hope things get better here for me and things continue to be AWESOME there for you guys! and way to go Aaron! SO RAD!!!