Saturday, May 30, 2009

last day of preschool

i can't sleep because there is one of these bugs in the living room, and they just gross me out and give me chills and i just can't go to sleep now and aaron is asleep and he wouldn't be very happy if i woke him up to get it. so lame, right? (they are seriously gross though!)
soooooo i decided to do a post on gavin's preschool graduation. it was last friday, and it was awesome. they sang some songs which i will have to upload later because they are halairous. here are some super cute pictures of the "ceremony". g got to sit next to his best buddy Jake who will be going to a different school for kindergarden, but his little sister Jadyn (who has a little crush on g!) will start preschool with hayden in september. so luckly we will see him in the future. i am so grateful for his preschool. the teachers are great, and gavin has grown SO much in going there. i can't wait to see what hayden does there.

there is always time for a funny face...

his "diploma" and one of his awesome teachers Ms. Tami

gavin and his buddy Jake.

g getting ready to lead a song

this one is my favorites- gavin and his buddies Christopher and Jake.

i can't believe gavin is done with preschool. it seems like he was just in diapers. and now all of a sudden he is writing, reading (a tiny bit), riding a bike and being a big boy. time is flying by. i am totally enjoying this time with them, even if my patience is completely tested every day. there is nothing like little arms wrapped around you giving "big snugs". hopefully they won't ever get to big for sweet moments. i sure hope they last forever.


JenFen said...

First of all sun spiders are the WORST, so gross. I prob. would have gotten hubby out of bed for that one.

Second, such a great post. I agree with it - growing up so fast, having patience tested and the sweet moments. Please never let those sweet moments go away!

Emily said...

It's my fault, I looked. That is the grossest thing I have ever seen. I would never think twice about waking Steve up for that.

Way to go Gavin! That picture with him and his friends is SO CUTE! He sure is growing up fast!

rose said...

oh and just FYI, this sunspider was a small one- like an inch long- once there was one on our drapes that was about 2.25 inches long. it was AWFUL. and aaron wasn't home so i had to get the vacuum and the longest hose attachment and get it myself. i was jumping and screaming the whole time and let the vacuum run for like 5 minutes after i got it so i knew it was in there for sure. i know i looked like a total idiot. but g thought it was pretty funny.

Stacy said...

I understand, I'm a little sad about Jake starting kindergarten too. Sigh... we can talk eachother through it!
Oh, I had a huge roach in my house and had to use the vacuum to get it. I ran the thing for 5 minutes too - just to make sure!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

He's all grown up mom. Sniff sniff. But very cool though! I love all those pics and am VERy impressed that you got g and his buddies to all LOOK at the camera and SMILE at the same time! It's a great shot so good job! And h looks so cute up at g? what a funny face on that tan little boy!!!

Jill said...

I'm so there with you on the big boy stuff and graduating preschool. I'm basically freaking out.

BTW, ew gross!!!!! on that sunspider thing. I have a new appreciation for the normal spiders I have in my house now. So thanks for that.

Jenni.Jolley said...

Ok, I looked at the bug. And SICK MAN!!! Gol, how the heck do you get rid of those?! The picture of Gavin holding his little diploma thing with his hat on is adorable!!!!!!!!