Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it's popsicle season

it's hot once again. it felt like a long winter, thank goodness it's over.
so aarons' birthday was last week. he is now the big 35. we decided to take the plunge and finally get something we both have wanted for a long time. it's his birthday present, my birthday present and some christmas thrown in too. he found a GREAT deal on a Nikon D40. it's super nice. and super different to get used to. it's going to take a while. but luckly we have some great subjects to practice on. i'm pretty good at taking pictures of landscapes, flowers and stuff like that, but not so good at people. so i'm going to have to practice on my cute boys. spring, if you have ANY tips for me, let me know.
aaron also got his birthday dinner- beef wellington and lobster newberg- i make it for him every year. it only cost about $28 for a dinner that would cost at least $80 of we went out for it. and he says he likes mine better anyway. (such a sweet husband).
i'm signing gavin up for kindergarden on friday. is he really that old already??? and i've got to sign hayden up for pre-school soon too. and soccer sign ups are in the next few weeks.
in the mean time we will be hanging out all summer (probably with these people) and trying to stay cool. anyone want to come visit???


Emily said...

I think it's hotter there than it is no, I'm not coming to visit this summer! How fun to have a new camera!!

Happy Birthday Aaron! 35 isn't old.

Oh, and his birthday dinner sounds yummy. My birthday is tomorrow. What time should I expect you?

Stacy said...

That's the same camera I have! There is a great website with easy-to-read info on how to use it's features. I will find out what it is and send you the link. The pictures look great!

Scrapbook With Starr said...

Awesome!!! I saw those beautiful pics of H and thought, "did they get a new camera?" lol.
hhmmm, I am gonna be in the market for a camera soon. I'll have to check it out.

Brenley said...

YAY for a new camera! Those pictures are great! One of the greatest pieces of advice I can give you is just take alot of pictures at alot of different angles. And look at photography websites (I have a huge list on my photo blog) for ideas of what kind of pictures you would like to be taking. And HAPPY B-DAY to Aaron!

Jill said...

Hooray for blue tongues! It's almost popsicle season here. A couple more weeks.

I'm with you on the kindergarten freaking out. We just found out what school Joseph will be going to and it's got me all anxious about it. Will you do all day kindergarten?

Aaron and Lyndsey said...

I guess since you linked our blog it would be a good idea to change it to a happier subject?? And somehow after Aaron posted that blog all the info that used to be on the side is now on the bottom of the blog page.

Also, the kids insisted I buy popsicles and are ticked that I didn't buy the "joke ones."