Friday, November 14, 2008

the joys of a 2 year old

gavin has been in an awful mood lately. he hasn't been feeling very well, and on top of that he is growing. he always gets grumpy when he grows.
so today he woke up in a really good, sweet mood. it was a normal morning, and he went to school. we played a bit at the playground after school, but when it was time to go home, ohhhhh boy. mr. hyde came out in full force. he has never had a public breakdown like that. ever.
so he cried and yelled the whole 12 minutes home. i just ignored him and let him get it out. then it continued for 10 more minutes at home. he calmed down enough to eat a banana and have some water. i sat with him for about 10 minutes on his bed, and a few minutes later, he's out like a light. i'm guessing he'll sleep through until tomorrow.
so what was hayden doing during all this you ask? oh, not much. just ALL THIS:
the foil and the wax paper in the living room. there is no saran wrap because last week both of them got into it and wrapped themselves and the whole backyard.
all the baggies (2 sizes) and paper bags. and notice how the chairs are on the counter? no i'm not getting ready to mop. h likes to drag them allllllll over the house and get into anything and everything. so to save me the frustration i just put them up on the counter in the morning.
i know it could be alot worse. but i though that it's still good enough to share.


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

oh man,that's hilarious. Not g, sorry about him (cade's pulling stuff like that lately) but h! What a mess-maker!!!

Kim, Danny, Shailey, Eli and Isaac said...

That's actually pretty funny. :o) It reminds me of something that my boys did that I just posted about. Aren't boys the best? :o)