Monday, November 03, 2008


halloween is SO much more fun when you have kids. and unlike last year, we actually celebrated it. last year the boys were super worn out for some reason, and were in bed asleep by around 7. but not this year! it was so fun! we went to the harvest festival that one of the churches here does every year. there are lots of fun little carnival games that the boys just loved. and they saw some friends there too, which made it even better. then we came home and went around the neighboorhood a little. it wasn't too late, so we still got some trick-or-treaters, which was fun for the boys to see. they just sat in front of the door and couldn't really figure out what was going on and why we were giving away candy. it was funny.

g & mimi

so i have to give a big thanks to my friend Erica for the pirate costume hand-me-downs. her son Liam was a pirate for 3 years in a row, and she finally said enough. so we got pieces of 3 different costumes to put together an awesome pirate outfit for gavin. i just had to buy the patch/earring combo at the store, and we were set!

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Emily said...

Those costumes are so awesome! You're right, it's way fun with kids!