Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the 2nd annual beyer/jones campout

we are making a tradition of camping with aarons' best friend from high school, Mike and his wife and their two little girls. last may, we went to Pismo beach, and this year we drove 6 1/2 hours and went to the high sierras to a place called Shaver lake. it was so nice to be up in the woods at 7,500 feet, with some trees for a change. mike has this spot on a logging road that has a little campsite. it's awesome- there is a stream with fish in it about 20 yards from the site. there were about 17 people camping, so it was a lot of fun, and a few of the guys caught some fish. i tried, and there was a big one that got away from me, but i did learn how to clean and gut a fish. it really wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. we had a great time just hanging out for 4 days. although 4 days with no bathrooms or shower isn't the greatest, i know it could've been worse. we had good food (some fresh fish) and lots of smores made with reeses peanut butter cups instead of chocolate. the boys did great, and gavin cried yesterday morning when we told him we were going home. so i guess we are going to do a lot more camping, even if we go just up the street.


Brenley and her boys! said...

That looks like so much fun! What a beautiful place. These pictures are alot of fun, and I especially love the one of the back of gavin sitting on the bank with the fishing pole.

Emily said...

What a fun tradition! That place looks so beautiful!

I bet the boys had a blast playing in the water, and I bet you guys loved the cooler temps!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

are you sneaking smores in that last picture? Or maybe you were going potty and then got caught. :)

Nice fleece.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

ohhhh, it's a fish. and hello? The x-rated naked kid pic?