Thursday, July 17, 2008

not long enough

we just got back from a few days out at the beach. it was so nice to have a break from this heat, but MAN! we are not used to the ocean air. the humidity just stays on you like a blanket and we are not used to being sticky (right emil?). we played at my dad's all day on tuesday, and had tons of fun there. then we got to go out to dinner and have great sushi, which is a rare treat for us. thanks to aarons' job, we were able to stay at a hotel on the beach in Laguna Beach. yesterday morning g, h and i went for a nice little morning walk in the sand. then we went here, which i have been going to since i was born. i don't get why it says "since 1986", because they've been around a lot longer than that. it's one of my favorite things ever, so it's a real treat to get some. and i got a bunch to bring back home too. then we went to my dad's house and we all went to the OC fair. that was really fun. it's cool that the boys' first fair, was my first fair too. we got to see all the farm animals, and g even went on a few rides. he was SUPER brave considering it was his first time on any ride. we are really proud of him, he's such a big boy now! i got a few pictures, brynne style (on my cell phone), so they aren't the best. but it's better than nothing. and of course they got to have an ice cream cone. i think more went down g's arm than in his mouth. no cotton candy or fried twinkies (although i really wanted to try one just once). we were planning on staying down there one more day, but all the hotels were either booked up, or wanted $500 for a night, and aarons' company would freak out about that. so now we are back home in the dry heat of the desert. i do love the desert, but my heart is really in the OC. if we could afford to live out there, we totally would (right brynne?). but a million dollar house isn't in our budget. oh well. at least it's close enough to visit.
so here's some pics of g going on the "roloposters".

oh and only 8 MORE DAYS until i get lasik. not that i'm excited or anything...

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Emily said...

Mmmm, I love a good bagel. I didn't know you guys were going on vacation, how fun! I can't WAIT to go to the beach. We've lived here almost a year and haven't been to CA yet, and I want to so bad. Hopefully this fall.

Gavin looks so happy and cute in those pictures.