Friday, June 13, 2008


oh how i hate being sick. gavin has had a bad cough since right before his program. hayden has croup again, and i'm sick too. we haven't been on a hike or a walk in forever, and we are all going stir crazy. is there a procedure that just removes part of your sinuses so you don't have to deal with them ever again? that would be nice. just remove the right half of my face. and why is it that nyquil dries you up a little too well, so when you breathe through your nose it burns? then you have to breathe through your mouth so your lips get super chapped. i really hate being sick. when you are well and your kids are sick, it's manageable, but you get sick, and it's rough. thank goodness for tivo and netflix right now. such life savers. sorry for being so whiny, i just REALLY HATE BEING SICK!!!

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Emily said...

Oh man Rose I'm sorry, that sounds miserable. I feel so sad for little kids when they have the croup! And I feel so sad for moms who have sick kids, that's the worst. I hope you guys feel better soon, I hate being cooped up inside for too long.