Monday, June 23, 2008


sooooooo i guess i have to put down some salad ideas since there are requests....

1. i don't ever use iceberg. it doesn't have very much nutritional value, and it's mostly water. i use mesclin mix, baby greens mix, butter lettuce and any other dark green lettuce. usually a combination of 2 of those.
2. as for dressing, we use 3 different ones. balsamic vinegar and olive oil is the standard. it tastes good on pretty much any salad. we also use bleu cheese, and i love Brianna's poppy seed dressing.
3. pretty much 100% of the time i put chopped nuts in. usually walnuts, but pecans and slivered almonds are great too. and they are always toasted. we never use croutons.
4. fruit is often in our salads too. it gives a nice little sweet flavor. usually halved grapes, but strawberries, nectarine, peaches and mandarin work also. i also use craisns alot.
5. i usually have either bleu cheese crumbles or feta crumbles in the fridge. i do both, but aaron only likes the bleu cheese.
6. as for veggies, the usual celery, carrots and tomato are standards. aaron loves alfalfa sprouts in his, and i often use bell peppers (no green- usually red)
7. sometimes i put in hard boiled egg (like for a cobb), chicken or bacon.

ok, so there are some ideas, right? i guess i have to put some combos together too though...
our standard is: craisns, walnuts, tomato, celery and carrots.
-celery, carrots, tomato, bell pepper, garbanzo beans, egg
-strawberries, feta, bacon, almonds or pecans, avocado (the poppyseed dressing is awesome on this)
-grapes, bleu cheese, pecans, celery
-mandarin, almonds, celery, bell pepper, chicken

that's all i can think of right now. but there are endless combinations. be creative! don't be afraid to put something together. if it doesn't work, just don't make it again! there are things i don't do, like i don't put craisns and grapes in the same salad or carrots and strawbrries, it's just wierd flavors together. think of different textures and throw in what sounds good to you. so is that good? are you all satisfied? ;)


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

i don't know about the carrots or celery with fruit in the salad. i've had fruit salads with the lettuce, dressing and nuts but with peppers and veggies? sounds weird. :)

Emily said...

I like celery with fruit salads usually. I love poppyseed dressing too, YUMMY! Thanks for all the ideas, I will be back to this blog frequently.