Saturday, May 31, 2008

preschool program

gavin had his lat day of school on friday, so they had a presentation/graduation ceremony. it was SO cute! the kids were pretty funny, but they all did really well. g knew all the words to the songs and did a tiny bit of dancing.
here are a couple of pictures...
his self portrait. i LOVE how he colored his hair yellow.

oh and my toe was hurting so bad that i went to the doctor on thursday. they took an x-ray to make sure the top bone wasn't broken, and he drilled 2 holes in my toenail to drain the blood. i can't believe how much better it feels. i can actually walk on it now. so for the last few days it's been draining stuff. lovely.

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Emily said...

Oh that is s cute! Is he good friends with everyone in his class? Does he go back to preschool again next year?

Your toe is freaking can't come visit me until that is all taken care of.

Just kidding.