Monday, April 07, 2008

cycling widow

aaron is putting in some serious cycling lately. above and beyond his usual saturday morning rides, he is doing some races. last friday he rode 50 miles, and 40 on saturday just for fun. then this saturday he rode in the tour de phoenix, which is in mesa, arizona. he did really well. he was 15 minutes off of platinum time, which he probably could've gotten if he didn't have some seat issues early in the ride. but he still got gold time. 75 miles in just over 3 hours. pretty awesome. i don't have pictures because we didn't go. it's too much driving for the kids right now (5 hour drive). but i'm sure he'll find his picture and post it for you all.
this week is no riding because he is in florida for work. so he will get in a little golf instead.
then the weekend of the 18th, he is doing the race in mexico again. rosarito to ensenada. we are not going to that either, that is a "boys weekend" thing for him. he will be going with 2 buddies, and that's alot safer than us going. i know he'll kick some serious butt in that race. he did really well last time, and this year he is doing the "pro" start. a small group starts before everyone else so you don't have to work hard to get through the pack. i'm sure he'll finish top 100 in that one. he is just made for that sport.

in other news, hayden is finally started to pickup a tiny bit in his words. he's a little late, but i hear that's normal because the older sibling talks for the younger. but it worries me anyways. so the list of words right now is: mama, dada, hi, baby, kitty, owie, mimi, byebye, more, fishies, nana (banana), bike, shoes and probably at least one more that i can't think of right now. he talks NON STOP, but it's just not words yet. everyone keeps saying that one day he will just say "so mother, what shall we have for supper?" and that kind of thing. well, maybe not, but definitely more words than he's saying right now.
and g got a haircut. it's short. it was his first haircut in a "salon" (supercuts). i have always cut it. he did REALLY well and didn't move at all. then he got a lollypop after (not carnation instant breakfast) for doing such a good job. it looks SO good. we hadn't cut it because it was starting to curl a bit at the ends, but not enough, so it was time to chop it. i'll have to fix it up with gel, and get a picture. plus he was complaining that it was tickling his ears. so he is much happier now.
also, since the first week of february, g grew 1/2 an inch, and h grew 1.5 inches. little weeds....
that's about it. we're doing something fun on wednesday, and i'll for sure have some pictures from that.


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Fun to hear what's going on over there, although I already knew half of the news.

Post a cute one of Mr. GQ's new hair!

Emily said...

Poor Gavin got a sucker instead of Carnation Instant Breakfast?!

Seriously, that nurse we had was a psycho.

That is some serious cycling Aaron is doing. Way cool. 75 miles sounds so far! Hey I thought you were going to come see me while he was in Florida? Seriously, can we please get together sometime?

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

hey, and by the way, I took that accent quiz. turns out i'm from the Inland North....wisconsin area. FUnny cause people here in oregon ask me where I"m from cause I sound like i'm from over there. pretty crazy!! i guess your aaron was right too.

Brenley and her boys! said...

You are such a good wife to be such a good sport about your husband being gone for all this cycling stuff!