Thursday, February 14, 2008

a thought

a very close friend was looking at a friend-of-a-friend's blog and commented on how perfect her life looked.
i just want you all to know how un-perfect my life is. don't get me wrong, it's awesome and i have A LOT to be grateful for. i have a very hard working husband that provides so much for his family and wants nothing but for us to be happy and to give us everything. and that same amazing husband and i can have some pretty good fights over really dumb stuff. i have two crazy boys that are healthy (thanks to our pediatrician Allison for knowing what was wrong with g) and can run and jump and play and make me smile every day. those same boys drive me nuts with the pulling hair, screaming, messes and "boy/brother stuff" that i don't quite understand yet.

the point is, why do we think everyone else's lives are better than ours? we all have our trials. we all have nonsense with our husbands. we all have points where we just want to duct-tape our kids up and have some "me" time. we ALL want a vacation. we all want what someone else has.
we all don't realize what we have.
we all have more love than we know around us.
more people care about us than we realize. so on this day of love, look around you and be grateful for everyone that loves you, because stuff is just stuff. when it comes down to what matters, it's the ones that you love, whether it's family, friends or an animal.

so, to all my family and friends that read this blog, i am grateful for you. i may not e-mail you, or call as often as i should, but i do care. i know that you are there for me if i need you, and i want you all to know that i am here for you if you need me.
i love you all.
happy valentine's day!


Emily said...

So true...and thanks for writing that. I'm one of those people that easily gets distracted and envious of what others have...but I think I have it pretty good too.

I love you, happy valentine's day!

PS: LOVE the hair!

Brenley, Bryce & McCoy said...

You are so wonderful! This thought is so perfect for V-Day! It is something that EVERYONE needs to hear! I love you Rose, and I really miss you! And I don't know if I ever mentioned THANK YOU for the super cute blanket! You will be getting an actualy Thank you in the mail, or did I already send you one?!?

Jenni.Jolley said...

well shoot that was good. seriously- i might have to print that out and hang it up because you are so right.

annnnd. i love you.

that's for sure.