Wednesday, January 09, 2008

three things

#1 we went outside yesterday and found a little hole with a tunnel and about a yard away from the hole there was a small pile of dirt. gavin wanted to know what it was so i said "a little hole." he said "where did it come from?" i said "oh a little animal must have dug it." he said "ya, i think a giraffe did it." and then walked away.
#2 i went to trader joes today and got some quick frozen stuff to make for the kids since aaron is gone and i barely cook when he isn't here. (but i will in a few weeks, wink wink to a certain someone) so i got some baby quiches for them to try. i made a broccoli/cheddar one for them and cut it up and gave it to h, who totally dug in. then i gave some to g, and he took a bite then said "huh, not bad. not bad at all!"
#3 gavin was eating some yogurt, and said that blanket wanted some. (his blanket is his best friend) and then said "blanket can't have some yogurt. he doesn't have a mouth."

he's such a nut.


Jill said...

So cute, Rose! Such fascinating imaginations! You'll be so glad you've recorded those hilarious things they say. Congrats on the job! Although, we're still sad you didn't end up in Seattle.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

funny stuff! G is such a crack up! And those boys look so much like you. Especially G. Is it just me that thinks that? I wonder.

Emily said...

That's so funny! I wonder why he picked a totally rule! That dinner looks yummy!