Thursday, January 03, 2008

past week

christmas was great. my dad and step-mom came up and we had breakfast and played all day with the presents.
h got a vacuum (he finally will stop playing with mine) my dad gave him his old cell phone (which is one of his favorites)and g got spiderman, a race track and other car related stuff
and my dad made them an awesome bookcase. i got a little stereo for my ipod back in october from aaron, and aaron and my dad got me a knife holder for inside the drawer. but my dad made it, so i'm keeping that one. aaron got a portable toolbox and a new guitar. aaron also got the gift of sickness. the rest of us followed. the boys have been sick for a week with a cough and runny nose. i think (hope) it's just bad colds. and i pretty much lost my voice the last couple of days, but no sore throat, so i feel fine, i just sound like i'm going to die. new years was just another day- in bed by 10. so not much happening here. it's been COLD, high in the 40's, so we've been inside alot. i miss our hikes so much. but before i know it, it will be 100 again.
and i keep forgetting to let you all know that aaron got a job. a bit more pay, but he has to go to new orleans for training for 3 weeks! i'm going to go nuts. sooooo anyone want to come visit? or maybe i'll come visit. it's funny because he is driving me nuts being home all the time, but it's going to be awful to have him not home. the old saying totally fits- can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. he will get to try some new food, which he is excited about because he loves cajun/creole style cooking, and learn about completely new products. but hey, he got a job, so you do what you have to do, right?
last year was a rollarcoaster ride in many ways. i am really hoping for this year to be a bit more mellow. i hope for a happy and healthy year for all of you too!


Bryce & Brenley said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

I bet 2008 will be an awesome year for you!!!

Emily said...

I love all the pictures of Gavin trying out all his new toys...that is SO the best part of Christmas! I bet he was fun to watch.

Congrats on Aaron's job...that is such a relief! Feel free to come and visit us if you get lonely! I will let you make me some yummy treats. Aren't I nice?

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

I finally made it to your blog. Took forever but I'm here! Cute post, by the way, and those boys hit the jackpot for Christmas! So Cute kids you have! I'm glad to hear about Aaron's job and really do hope this year is more smooth and steady for you guys! Thanks for the chat today. I needed it! :) you're awesome!