Saturday, December 01, 2007

the lowdown

so i'm back. but truthfully, i never left. here is a rundown of the past month:
the biggest thing is that aaron lost his job. it was a forced resignation and wrongful termination. corporate nonsense with a dash of shady people. so aaron has had control of the computer for the last few weeks looking and applying for jobs. he has about 5 interviews lined up in the next couple of weeks, so please keep your fingers crossed that he will get one. and thank you to those of you that have known and given help and support. we are ok (savings) but aaron is super stressed out and angry from all of it. but we know that something better is out there that will pay him what he is worth.
hayden is walking really well now. he is practically running. it's great to have both boys chase eachother around the house. he is also bending down at the waist and picking things up, then standing back up. he has started dancing too- like really fast marching in place and funny smile/giggle at the same time. he is saying "wow wow" and "uh oh" which is funny, and of course mama and dada. he is a constant chatterbox doing "baby talk" all the time. he has also figured out shaking his head for yes and no, and cracks himself up doing it. he has four teeth on top and two on bottom, and he is a biter, which g never was, so isn't fun.
don't you love g's new hat? he wears it everywhere, it just cracks me up. so for some good news; gavin has been potty trained for well over a month now. even at night sometimes. it's a wonderful thing to not change his diapers anymore, and he loves his "big boys". he has grown A TON lately. getting his tonsils out really has helped. he is wearing his proper size (3T) for the first time since he was 6 months. this summer, he was wearing 18-24 months, so he has really had a growth spurt in the past 2 months.
thanksgiving was um, different. i made turkey and all the sunday before, then on thanksgiving, the boys got sick. i spent thursday morning in the ER with hayden. he got croup, which is a virus that makes their throat close and causes them cough and sound like a seal, goose or other animal that sounds really bad. so he had a fever and was grumpy. then gavin got it on friday. i thought having one kid sick was bad, but 2 is awful. they were coughing so much that they would throw up. at least it was just gatorade- they wouldn't eat. on saturday, my dad and step-mom came over and we had a great lunch. at least we got to see some family.
we are doing an advent calender for christmas. my step-mom is german, and it's a tradition there, so she suggested i number paper lunch bags and put little goodies in them for every day. so i hung them up in the kitchen. we did the first one this morning, and i thought g's head would explode from excitement. so i think this will be a tradition for our family.i think that's about it right now. back to the regular posting schedule...


Emily said...

Hey Rosie...I've been missing you! Those pictures of the boys are so dang cute! I was so sad to hear that they got so sick...the croup is so awful and just makes me so sad to hear little kids who get it.

I love the advent calendar and that you've found a cool tradition in your family!

Tell Aaron good luck on his interviews! Love you!

Bryce & Brenley said...

I am sooo glad that you are back! I kept on wanting to leave a comment that I miss you! I am so sorry to hear about Aaron's job but I know Aaron is a hard worker and that he will be able to find something soon. I have had to learn numerous times in the last 7 seven years that trials bring blessings, and I finally know that they do! I love you Rosie Posie!

Oh and your boys are so darn cute!