Monday, October 15, 2007

home sweet home

we are back home and so is aaron's dad, Dean. thanks to all of you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. he is doing GREAT! he went home on friday night. i think he is one of the toughest people i know. he flew over 100 missions in a fighter plane in vietnam and was one of the few people that never got shot down, got vertigo while flying in the mediterranean, broke his back ejecting out of a plane in cuba then had to tread water for a long time, and i'm sure there are many more stories of survival. so even though this is a shock and a wake up call, he feels like he's been through worse. but he is doing really well, and says he's not even in much pain(!). aaron's sister is up there right now helping out. so he just has to exercise more and change his diet. those are the factors that we can change, the others such as age and family history we can't. but he is really positive and wants to do as much as possible so this doesn't happen again.
aside from helping his parents out, we took a day and went around the area. i will post pictures later. i'm bummed that we didn't go to the city- san fran is 45 minutes away- but there is always next time, and i'm glad we were able to visit his dad very day in the hospital. gavin whined all morning one day until we went to the hospital to see him. it's crappy circumstances that we had to go up, but it was a great visit.

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Emily said...

Wow! That's so great that he got to go home. You guys are awesome for being able to spend so much time there.

I love the picture of you guys!