Monday, October 22, 2007

it's driving me bonkers!

apparently h is not just into ice cream. i HATE our bottom freezer right now! but i do love his talking.

and i don't eat this kind of stuff, so it's super gross and smelly for me. it's seriously like every 2 minutes he's opening it. if i put a chair to block it, he just pushes it around the room. so i sat on the floor up against it for a half an hour today because that seems to be the only way he won't get in there. he thought it was a game and we played, but i have stuff to do kid!
just leave the freezer alone for five seconds already!

and this is the other day. waffles. you can see how he can open it by himself.


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Oh my gosh! That kid is hilarious! I loved in the waffle video that he kept trying to take a bite off but couldn't cause it was frozen solid. Nice! And the crab cakes! You're doing just what I would do if it were my kid eating them and reaching for me. Yuck! His talking is so cute! Aaron was watching them with me and just couldn't stop telling me how cute he thought h is. "Totally!!!" I said. :)

Emily said...

Okay I am laughing so hard at how he totally smacked himself in the face with the freezer door. Oh man he's so funny! And such good talking!!! I love it!

Bryce & Brenley said...

I was laughing so hard wathcing these! He is so freakin cute! I am so glad that you have gotten these on tape so he can see them someday. And the talking is so adorable.

Do you have a video camera or is it a video function on your photo camera?
Just wondering because we need to get a video camera and I want to be able to put video on my computer to post to my blog.