Sunday, July 22, 2007


i really don't know where g gets some of the stuff he says, but here's a few of the recent things he has said that just crack me up:

"I just want to take a picture of the dark"

"I got to watch a movie, allright? That's my job, I just have to watch a movie. That's the point, ok?"

calls hayden "captain" every time they take a bath together

"Mama! Look at the space-rocket-ship flower!"

calls squirt guns "squeezies"

"Are you sure Mama? Are you sure?"

"Oh! The sun just woke up!" -it came out from behind a cloud

"I have to get four tickets to the baseball game. Four tickets, Mama, ok? Because we have to go to the baseball game. Allright?"

"Ya, Mama, ok, good job. Good job Mama."

"I have hiccups. I need to go to the doctor. I just need medicine because I have hiccups, ok?"

"Mama, there is an owl in my room."

"Mama, I need to got. I need to got."

and i almost forgot one of the best ones! every morning when aaron puts deodorant on, g always wants some too. he says "Look Mama, I got armpits! (smells armpit) Smells good, huh? Ya, I just got armpits like Daddy."


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

funny kid you got there! I love that he calls you mama! And what's a rocket-ship-space flower? I'm wondering if Cade will stick with mama (what he says right now) or grow into the "mommy" phase. We'll see!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Oh, I meant space-rocket-ship flower.

Bryce & Brenley said...

How cute! I am glad that you remember all the cute things he says so you can tease him with them when he grows up.

I was just looking at some pics on my computer and found some of G when he was little and you stopped by to visit me in Portland. I will have to email them to you.

Sharon/mom said...

I agree with brenley, I can't believe you remember them and I am glad you wrote them down!!!! You'll have them forever now! It's so fun to have little kids, they make me smile!

Jill said...

3-year olds are hilarious! I love this picture of Gavin. I'm totally jealous of your potty-training progress, by the way. We have none to speak of around here. Good luck!

Emily said...

Holy cow that is hilarious! Write all that stuff down!! He is such a cutie! That made me laugh!