Thursday, June 07, 2007

i'm so over it.

so we have been working on potty training g for about 2 months now, but i've REALLY got to start cracking down. i'm SOOOOOOOOO SICK of diapers! and the only way i can get g to go on the toilet is if he is naked, which doesn't exactly work if we go to the market. so i got him some tighty-whities a few months ago, but he has accidents in them. i guess he thinks they are diapers. thank goodness the whole house is tile and wood floors. then i got those "cool alert" training diapers. what a waste. plus they aren't small enough in the waist for him because he is such a stringbean. ANY suggestions are welcome. the problem is not that he won't go on the toilet, it's that he still needs diapers all the time. just at night is fine, but i'm ready for him to be done. i guess he isn't yet. just wait lizzie, you'll be writing this soon because you'll be sick of having 2 in diapers. and jill, hopefully joseph is already done.

so i guess i need to clarify. the problem is he won't stop going in diapers. he totally will go on the toilet, but if he has a diaper on he will just go in them instead of telling me he has to go on the toilet.
aaaaahhhhhhhh. parenthood.


Emily said...

I'm answering for Jill...Joseph isn't doing the potty thing yet either. I'm so scared for those days. You should talk to my mom; she just got done potty training three 2 year olds at the same time. She's a pro!

Sharon/mom said...

My first ones were potty trained young, wet the bed and had accidents. Did I say they were potty trained. Amy and Danielle were over 3 years old, no wet beds, no accidents. Guess which one I preferred. I liked the clean carpets and house!! It won't last forever, it just feels like it!