Thursday, June 14, 2007

74? IT'S COLD!!!

gavin and i had to go to la jolla (san diego) yesterday for one of his doctors appointments. the office is only about 5 miles from the beach so there was the whole ocean breeze thing going on. the thermometer on the car said 74, but it felt like about 55! it felt SO cold!
i'm sure lizzie can relate and understand, but when you live in the desert, you forget that in other places in the world, the high is 75, not the low for the day. so you wear hot weather clothes thinking that you'll be fine, and when you get where you are going, it's 30 degrees cooler than when you left your house. and i know it sounds crazy, but i'm not exaggerating at all.
i do love it out here, heat and all.


Emily said...

Dang, time to bust out the fleece jackets and blankets! Rosie, you're so funny! The wind always makes it seem colder too, but I always remember you saying how cold it was when I thought it was SO hot. Crazy!

Bryce & Brenley said...

OK Rose I can relate a tiny bit. Yesterday it was 80 and it felt very cold, both Bryce and I were wearing a jacket. It's not because we are always in the heat, I think it is because we are in the mountains. But it is sooo weird.