Monday, June 25, 2007

3 milestones; 1 weekend

so much happened this weekend. our 5 year wedding anniversary was on friday, so we went out to dinner. we went to the Falls which is in palm springs, it was SO good and i just happened to ask the waiter if they were hiring, or needed a pastry chef (we got dessert and it was sad). he said they really did, so on thurs i'm going to go in there and talk to the chef. i like where i am now, but the level of food i would do at the falls is more what i want. i didn't go to school to make brownies all the time.

and gavin has graduated to a "big boy bed". actually we just took off the side of his crib so it's a toddler bed. and he is staying in it now and not getting out every 5 minutes to tell us something. so that's awesome and i'm really proud of him. he'll even take a nap in there, no problem. but soon he'll be too long for his crib, and we will have to get him a real bed. that makes me kinda sad, he's growing up so fast! but then we'll have an awesome crib to give to someone.

big milestone #3 is gavin got glasses last week, and really wore them this weekend! he's got a few different problems going on, so he needs glasses right now, and in a few months he will have to have surgery too. it's been quite a fight to get him to wear them, but he's getting used to them now. hopefully soon he'll wear them all the time. all of you, cross your fingers for me!!


Emily said...

Okay...that is my favorite picture of Gavin, with the glasses. SO CUTE! Good luck with the chat with the chef. I'll come see you at your restaurant and you can make me something yummy. But don't make it too fancy; actually brownies sound really good to me. Love the new banner!

Bryce & Brenley said...

Gavin is too cute. I love little kids in glasses!

Happy Anniversary!

Bryce & Brenley said...

Oh and thank you for the comment, I really appreciate the love and support.

Emily said... already made it even more cute! Awesome!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

wow, three things to really be proud of! Way to go mom and Gavin! I hope things go well with the chef at Falls and that G keeps being a big boy by sleeping in his big boy bed and wearing his COOL glasses! Loved that picture! I too love little kids in glasses.