Thursday, May 31, 2007

i don't know!!!!

so people are asking where we are going. we don't know yet. it all depends on aarons' job. within the next year he will be getting a promotion to speciality rep which means he gives support to a bunch of reps in a territory. we hear seattle is open and also south orange county/north san diego. we have no idea. we have been looking at ft. collins colorado and san louis obispo area for a while. and then there is charlotte north carolina area too, which we've never even been to. but one thing for sure is that gavin does not do well in this heat. he get's splotchy and grumpy which is not fun for anyone. i still love it though. so aaron heard from the western region boss yesterday and he told him to keep it up and to hold tight. we might have a months notice, i have no idea, which is giving me a little bit of anxiety because i am a planner. i think i would be a great boy scout because i really like to be prepared when we go somewhere.
so basically your guess is as good as mine where we will end up.


Emily said...

Dude...I didn't know you were planning on moving! North Carolina sucks, stay out west! Okay just kidding, I don't really know. Seattle is AWESOME, and so is San Diego. Isn't it so fun not knowing where the heck you're going to go? That's what we're going through right now and I'm about to go crazy.

Brenley said...

Rose, I totally understand the frustration in not being able to plan for a move. When we decided Bryce would take the job in Montana, we also made the decision to move within the month. And I was totally stressing out up until we hit the road.

(If you want to get away from the heat North Carolina is not the place to go, especially with the humidity.)

Good luck in your upcoming adventures!!

Jill said...

I'm glad you found our blog and that you are starting one too. It's great to hear from you. Good luck with all that job craziness. That is stressful. Darren and I vote for Seattle. It's not too hot, you know! :)